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Variations and Changes of Timber

Timber is a natural product and varies greatly with regards to grain and colour. It is this variation that gives timber products a unique appeal that cannot be rivalled by man made materials. 

An individual species of timber can have an enormous range of colour and feature, not only between trees in the same forest, but also in boards sawn from the same tree. Boards from Heartwood are generally lighter and offer different characteristics than other cuts of timber.  

As a customer, you need to recognise and understand that when purchasing a particular species of timber, colour and grain variation will most definitely occur. We can provide samples but these are not to a guarantee of how the product may look or remain in service. For example. Oak can be almost white or silver through to golden brown and dark brown in a single batch with a silver or golden flek. Iroko can be yellow through to dark brown. Sapele can be reddish through to dark brown. 

Timber does change is service though due to exposure to sunlight, moisture and shade. Oak will go grey when left unprotected or exposed to UV. Iroko will lighten with excessive UV exposure and naturally darken over time and in the shade. Sapele doesnt alter much in either sunlight or shade. These characteristics are intrinsic to the timber species and provide a living product which alters with age. It is also these characterisitcs that allow us to manipulate the end product for in service. If we wish to have a darker Oak finish then a Tinted UV Protection oil can be used to resist the affects of the sun. Similarly the same coating on Iroko would eventually allow the timber to darken like it was in shade. Left unprotected from UV both oak and Iroko will lighten. 

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