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3 Ranges Of Our Bi Folding Door Systems
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Product Overview

At Timber Bi we know that bi folding systems are the up and coming ‘Must Have’ aspect for many domestic and commercial applications because of the possibilities they provide and the features available. We understand that many new builds, extensions and renovations are the perfect opportunity to add this spectacular feature too.

To meet the growing popularity we have worked hard to create a range of products that suit a wide spectrum of applications at affordable prices. In case you are unsure exactly what bi folding systems offer, below is a small insight into the benefits over traditional door and window systems.

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CustomFold Range

Discover Our Bespoke Bi Folding Door Systems

StockFold Range

Discover Our Stock Size Door Systems

InternaFold Range

Explore our internal bi folding door range

Door Configurations

Maximum Height in Meters

Maximum Width in Meters

Hardware Finishes

Product Features

Our bi fold door systems come with a plethora of features and acccessories. Here is a basic guide to our systems

Maximum panel height of 4m

Maximum panel width of 1.2m

Maximum system width of 19.3m

Maximum system height of 4.1m

2 – 16 Panel configurations to suit any application.

Self draining Aluminium Sill or Solid Hardwood Sill with our unique drainage channel.

4 hardware finishes to choose from. Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless, Polished Brass, Black

Integrated Blind Glazed Units*

Pleated Integrated Fly Screen Available

Features Available

Calculated U Values

The U-value assesses the rate of heat loss / gain through all the thicknesses of the combined elements that make up a building component such as a window, door, roof etc. It is a way of measuring the insulating properties of the building element. The lower the U-value, the better insulated the building element is. So a window with a low U-value should prevent heat loss / gain better than a window with a high U-value. We can provide U Value Certificates with all our door and window systems if you require them. Read more for further information and too see a sample certificate from one of our window systems.

Glass Options

Single, Double & Triple glazing options available to suit all applications. Featuring Low e coated glass and Argon or Krypton gas to offer the best insulating properties possible. Safety toughened or laminated also available and standard on all door systems to meet building regulations.

Integrated Blind IGU’s

The Only True Solution For Bi Folding Doors & Windows!
Our Pleated & Venetian integral blinds ensure the insulating properties of the double glazing unit are maintained, while providing protection from dirt and weather conditions. The blind mechanism is totally encapsulated within the unit so here is no added risk of the unit breaking down.

Integrated Pleated Fly Screen

The 612 Retractable Pleated Insect Screen offers a screening solution all our door applications due to its innovative design. Developed by Brio for flexibility and tested vigorously for durability, the 612 Screen is a popular product worldwide. With our climate ever changing, the fly screen is becoming more and more popular in the UK.

Self Draining Aluminium Sill

All our External Bi Folding Door Systems utilise our self draining aluminium sill.

The 93HS Self Draining Sill is the perfect complement to our exterior folding door systems. It has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Brio Weatherfold 4s exterior folding door hardware. The aluminium tread makes it ideally suited to high traffic areas and high moisture environments. Mechanically fastened aluminium end caps feature a closed cell foam gasket to prevent water leakage. Water drains from the channel through predrilled drainage holes at the front of the sill.

Door Construction

Our doors are manufactured to a 44- 64mm finish.

StockFold doors are usually 44mm thick allowing for a 4:6:4 double glazed unit. These doors still meet part L building regulations but are not as thermally insulative as our thicker doors.

InternaFold doors vary from 44mm to 64mm depending on the usage. 44mm thick doors are used if solid panels or single toughened safety glass is required. 54mm thick doors are used when standard double glazed units are required. 64mm thick doors are used when integrated blinds or triple glazing is specified.

Bi Fold Door Systems – Photo Gallery

Core Features

316 Stainless Steel Hardware

All our exterior products come with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel as standard. Guaranteed for 10 years even in coastal locations.

4 Hardware Finishes Available

Hardware available in Polished Stainless, Satin Stainless, Polished Brass & Black.

Aluminium Self Draining Sill

All our external bi folding doors come with our Aluminium Self Draining Sill or a Solid Hardwood Sill with our unique drainage channel. Aluminium Sill available in Bronze and Silver

Integrated Blinds

Integrated blinds available in several colours and 5 operating mechanisms

Vast Range Of Timbers

We can manufacture your bi fold systems using any timber you specify. Our main range consists of European Oak, Unsorted Redwood, Sapele, Red Grandis Engineered, Accoya and many more

Pleated Fly Screens

Strong, durable and in a choice of colours, Keep the flys out and the breeze in

Versatile Configurations


Inward And Outward Opening

Choose whether your system opens in or outwards

Even & Odd Number of Panels

Choose an even or odd number of panels 

Flush Bolt and Multipoint Locking Options

Choose from 2 locking systems to suit your needs

54-70mm Thick Doors

A choice of panel thicknesses to suit your requirements


U Values of approx 1.16W/m2K

Thermal co-efficient values of systems meet building regulations 

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