Door Features

Non Sag, Pleated & Integrated Fly Screen Solutions

The 612 Retractable Pleated Insect Screen offers a screening solution all our door applications due to its innovative design. Developed by Brio for flexibility and tested vigorously for durability, the 612 Screen is a popular product worldwide. With our climate ever changing, the fly screen is becoming more and more popular in the UK.

With the capability to span 4.5m, this is one of the largest single action screen products of its type in the world.

Meeting screens can cover an overall opening of 9m wide using two 4.5m screens meeting in the center. The screens are also capable of matching our maximum height of 3.2m high panels.

If your door systems is going to be in an area where insects are prevalent then this is a must have accessory.

Colour Range

Brio understands the importance of continuity for aesthetical purposes and so offers the Brio 612 Screen in Black, Silver and White with custom colours available.


The 612 Screen is assembled in Australia with the finest quality materials to ensure quality is maintained. Purpose built robotic equipment provides accuracy and efficiency allowing the Brio team to act responsively for delivery of your screens. The patented Brio 612 Screen has undergone rigorous testing and exceeded 150,000 cycles but for peace of mind, the Brio 612 Screen is covered with a 5 year warranty. The warranty does not extend to damage caused to the mesh by pets, children or the occasional adult.


High strength, braided tensioning cords run horizontally to stabilise the screen and control vertical orientation of the handle bar. These tensioning cords run over multiple precision bearings to ensure the high quality, European polyester mesh
slides smoothly with a low operating force. The use of precision bearings significantly increase the screen’s life. The tensioning cords also prevent the mesh from blowing out in windy conditions. The Screen has been tested to withstand wind gusts up to 30km/h before the mesh leaves the channel. This safety feature helps prevent tearing and if the screen does leave the channel it can be easily placed back inside.

Corner Applications

An advantage of the Brio 612 Screen is the ability to screen corner openings without the need for a corner post, providing stunning uninterrupted views. Corner applications are possible with all of our exterior, folding systems and our 95HS hybrid sill which utilises timber and aluminium for self draining and easy installation.


Multiple Colours Available


5 Year Warranty



30Kph Wind Proof


Tested To 15,000 Cycles


Self Draining Aluminium Sill

All our External Bi Folding Door Systems utilise our self draining aluminium sill.

The 93HS Self Draining Sill is the perfect complement to our exterior folding door systems. It has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Brio Weatherfold 4s exterior folding door hardware. The aluminium tread makes it ideally suited to high traffic areas and high moisture environments. Mechanically fastened aluminium end caps feature a closed cell foam gasket to prevent water leakage. Water drains from the channel through predrilled drainage holes at the front of the sill.

Calculated U Values

The U-value assesses the rate of heat loss / gain through all the thicknesses of the combined elements that make up a building component such as a window, door, roof etc. It is a way of measuring the insulating properties of the building element. The lower the U-value, the better insulated the building element is. So a window with a low U-value should prevent heat loss / gain better than a window with a high U-value. We can provide U Value Certificates with all our door and window systems if you require them. Read more for further information and too see a sample certificate from one of our window systems.

Integrated Blind IGU’s

The Only True Solution For Bi Folding Doors & Windows!
Our Pleated & Venetian integral blinds ensure the insulating properties of the double glazing unit are maintained, while providing protection from dirt and weather conditions. The blind mechanism is totally encapsulated within the unit so here is no added risk of the unit breaking down.

Glass Options

Single, Double & Triple glazing options available to suit all applications. Featuring Low e coated glass and Argon or Krypton gas to offer the best insulating properties possible. Safety toughened or laminated also available and standard on all door systems to meet building regulations.

Door Construction

Our doors are manufactured to a 44- 64mm finish.

StockFold doors are usually 44mm thick allowing for a 4:6:4 double glazed unit. These doors still meet part L building regulations but are not as thermally insulative as our thicker doors.

InternaFold doors vary from 44mm to 64mm depending on the usage. 44mm thick doors are used if solid panels or single toughened safety glass is required. 54mm thick doors are used when standard double glazed units are required. 64mm thick doors are used when integrated blinds or triple glazing is specified.

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